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Maun Motors - Built-in Racking and Shelving


Built-in Racking and Shelving

Van racking systems


Disappearing Tools?

Have you ever experienced the phenomenon of the 'disappearing screwdriver?'

Fed-up with searching for 'missing' tools that were to hand only five minutes ago - or even cut/ injured yourself rummaging through a heap of tools in the corner of your van? Do you get frustrated when you can't find that particularly essential tool? Then this is for you!

If you are a smart tradesman who likes to be organized and doesn't like wasting time searching the cargo area of your van for the right piece of kit - a Fitted Racking System could be the answer!

Racking and shelving systems organise your van (and mind?); increase efficiency and safety - make it easier to secure loads - and ensures tools and equipment have their own allocated places and are quickly found. Another (and often overlooked) benefit - is that tools don't rattle around and are subjected to less wear and tear - meaning they could last longer.

Embracing the idea of 'organised storage' - racking systems minimise the amount of equipment you need to carry/store, reducing vehicle weight and saving fuel. Racking also helps to protect your van against internal denting and bodywork damage from unsecured loads, keeping the van in good condition and giving a better residual value.

Not only will it impress your customers - but professional van racking will give you, your van (and your company) the professional image you work so hard for. You may even find that you won't need such a big van, saving you even more money!

Light Weight, Easy to Install and Remove
Today's modern systems meets all EU Safety Regulations and are quickly and easily installed to existing fixing points in your van - with no drilling required - and are designed to be fitted using basic tools such as Allen Keys, spanners and a socket set.

Lightweight construction: The rule of thumb says that every 100 kg less weight reduces fuel consumption by 0.3 to 0.5 litres - which means less CO2 emissions.
Every kilo of unnecessary cargo uses extra fuel and every trip taken twice costs time (and patience)!

Protecting you (and your passengers), is an absolute necessity. Maybe it's time to take a closer look at the inside of your van.

Severe braking may be all that's needed for your cargo (or tools) to fly around unrestricted inside your van. In this situation, a hammer/ wrench or power drill is guaranteed to weigh a whole lot more than one safely stored in a rack or drawer.

Safety is a very important aspect of every van driver's routine - as the number of accidents relating to commercial vehicles has increased dramatically over the last 5 years, with many accidents are caused by unsecured cargos.

Loose cargo rolling around in your van can be extremely dangerous - click here for further details regarding 'How to Transport Goods Safely' .

Official testing has confirmed the extra safety offered by professional racking/shelving equipment and shows a decreased injury rate with safely stored materials and tools.

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