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Ply-Lining your Van


'Inside-Out' Protection

Ply-Lined Vans from Maun Motors

Buying a commercial vehicle represents a very substantial capital outlay for any business - and it's important to try and protect your investment as much as possible.

Ply-lining is extremely beneficial in protecting the inside of your vehicle from unsightly scratches, creases, dents and corrosion - all of which have an on-going detrimental effect upon the vehicle.

Why ply-line?
Lining your van effectively increases its durability; protects expensive body panels and reduces wear and tear - thereby increasing the vehicle's useful life and its residual value.

The damage from dints and scratches may, at first, seem minimal or trivial, but by removing the protective primer and paint surfaces from the body panels means they are more likely to rust and erode. Once a panel starts to rust, even when from only a small area, the problem can quickly escalate to a costly and major repair.

Rusted/damaged bodywork creates extra maintenance and repair costs, but it can also cause a water leak, which may damage stock and any other transported materials.

There will come a day when your vehicle needs upgrading. The better its condition - the more you will be able to recoup some of the initial costs incurred when it was first purchased. Rusted and damaged panels can seriously diminish any possible residual resale value.

Looks like new!
If you remove the ply-lining before the vehicle is finally sold, the bodywork looks like it is in tip-top condition and has been extremely well looked-after - a great selling point!



Above photos are from our stock of used commercial vehicles.

At Maun Motors we have a local professional company visit our sales complex and ply-lines our vehicles on site. They create CAD pre-cut ply panels which are specially designed to fit individual makes and models (and there can be quite a few different variations!) - and simply screw/glue the panels to the framework.

It doesn't take that long to ply-line a van - but the difference it makes is well worth the cost of fitting.

The condition of your commercial vehicle can have a profound effect regarding the image your company wishes to portray.


Ply Lining...

  • Protects the interior of your van from the 'inside out' with hard-wearing, lightweight material
  • Reduces road noise
  • Protects your cargo from accidental damage
  • Adds immediate resale value and enhances the residual value of your vehicle
  • Gives a more professional appearance and is aesthetically more pleasing.