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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Maun Motors offer a varied range of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles - often abbreviated as WAVs -  for sale, suitable for both private and business use.

We are also able to assist in providing finance for wheelchair adapted vehicles, through our partners at Southern WAV Finance.  It is possible to use your Personal Independence Payment (or PIP - formerly DLA or Disability Living Allowance) as either part or full monthly payment.  It's even possible to combine multiple people's allowances to fund the purchase of a single vehicle.  If, for example, more than one member of your family is entitled to PIP and you are purchasing a vehicle for them, or if you work in a care home or nursing home, where several residents receive PIP, they can pool together to purchase a WAV.

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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle - WAV - Sales

At Maun Motors, we specialise in stocking a wide and varied range of Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (often referred to as "WAVs") for sale.

Whether your requirement is a 3-5 seat WAV people carrier or MPV for family transport, a larger 6-16 seat wheelchair accessible minibus for community transport or a nursing home, or if you are looking for an accessible taxi, we should have something in stock to suit you.

We seek out low mileage, high quality vehicles to provide our customers with a great choice, whether looking for a vehicle with a wheelchair lift (such as Ricon, Ratcliff-Palfinger, Access, or Autochair) or a wheelchair ramp (such as Portaramp) and featuring wheelchair & occupant restraints (Such as Unwin Safety Systems and EZ-Lock).  Many of our vehicles are ex-Motability scheme returned vehicles.

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All of our current stock of premium quality, low mileage WAVs for sale are available to view on our stock list.  Click on the following links to view our Wheelchair Accessible MPVs & People Carriers for sale or our stock of Wheelchair Adapted Minibuses & Taxis

The needs of each wheelchair user are different, so therefore many types of conversion exist and at Maun Motors we aim to stock as many variations as possible from all of the leading wheelchair access converters, such as Versa, Allied Mobility, Constables Mobility, Oughtred & Harrison, Automotive Group, Lewis Reed, Gleneagles Conversions and GM Coachworks.

Wheelchair Adapted Vehicle Finance

Did you know that we are able to provide finance for wheelchair accessible vehicles through Southern Finance?

Southern Finance - Hire Purchase & Leasing for WAVs Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles 

They specialise in providing funding for the purchase of vehicles adapted for wheelchairs and your Personal Independence Allowance, or PIA (formerly known as Disability Living Allowance, or DLA) can be used as part or total monthly payment for an accessible vehicle.  Southern Finance can even combine the allowances of several people (e.g. more than one person in a household entitled to PIA, or multiple residents in a residential home combining their PIA allowances to purchase a vehicle) to make it possible to purchase a newer and/or higher-priced vehicle!

For further information, visit our Southern Finance FAQs page or visit their website.

Southern Finance

Q; Who are they ?

A; Southern Finance is the principal brand name for the Lending division of Raphaels Bank. Originally, Southern Finance was first established in Southampton in 1957, from where operations are still based today, and it became part of the Banks parent group in 2004. Its core business is in providing credit facilities to help private and business customers purchase new and used vehicles.

Q; Who are Raphaels Bank ?

A; R. Raphael & Sons plc, one of the oldest independent banking houses in the United Kingdom, established in 1787.

Q; Is Raphael Bank regulated ?

A; Yes, they are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Q; Are they members of any industry trade bodies ?

A; Yes, members of both the Consumer Credit Trade Association (CCTA) and The Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) whose Lending Code can be inspected at www.fla.org.uk

Q; What credit facilities and products are available ?

A; New and used wheelchair adapted vehicles, for private individuals, groups of people wanting to combine their allowances, business users, including Care Homes, Charities, Community Transport operators. Credit is provided under traditional Hire Purchase where ownership of the vehicle passes to the customer upon full completion of the terms of the agreement

Q; Is a credit scoring system used to make lending decisions ?

A; No. A credit search will be undertaken, but each application is considered on an individual basis.

Q; What if I am not in full time employment, retired or receiving Allowances ?

A; You do not need to be in full time employment to apply. Your ability to meet the monthly payments is the most important factor. Southern take their role as a responsible lender very seriously and endeavour to structure a financial repayment and term to suit your circumstances.

Q; Do I have to pay a deposit ?

A; As a responsible lender, they will always seek to structure the transaction to suit individual circumstances, so please ask about the deposit payment applicable when making an enquiry.

Q; What periods can I repay over ?

A; Between 12 and 60 months.

Q; What are the minimum and maximum amounts I can borrow ?

A; Minimum £1000 and there is no maximum amount-this will be linked to the profile of the private, or corporate applicant.

Q; What happens if my DLA award ceases during the term of the agreement ?

A; Nothing, your finance agreement continues, as normal.

Q; Can my allowance be paid directly to Southern Finance?

A; No, they will collect payments from your bank by Direct Debit .

Q; Will I still be eligible to apply if I do not receive DLA ?

A; Yes

Q; Can I settle my finance agreement early ?

A; Yes. You can either partially, or fully settle the finance agreement at any point, in line with the contractual terms of the agreement and current legislation.

Q; What happens if my financial affairs are handled by an Appointee (private or corporate) or under a form of Power of Attorney, or Court of Protection arrangement?

A; All of these circumstances can usually  be handled without problem.

Q; Is there a limit to the number of individuals allowed on a finance agreement ?

A; No.. Agreements can usually be transacted with  both multiple customers and/or Guarantors and can take into account multiple allowances, so please ask.

Q; How long must I wait for a decision on my finance application ?

A; A decision can normally be confirmed within 24 hours of receiving an application.

Q; How do I obtain a finance quotation, or additional background information ?

A;  Contact Southern on 02380 215733 and speak to Jacqui Wilkins, or speak to their specialist Mobility Divisional Manager, Derek Hannah, on 07899 066099, or send an email to jacqui.wilkins@southernfinance.co.uk or derek.hannah@southernfinance.co.uk

All enquiries are in complete confidence and without obligation or cost.


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Of course, our sales premises are wheelchair accessible and we also have wheelchair user-friendly toilets.   Call to speak to our friendly, helpful staff on 01623 554747 or LoCall (charged at local rate)  08448 246133, or come and visit us, view our range of vehicles and even try a few out!